WhatsApp Connection Status Not Connected

Windows Phone 8 Whatsapp Connection State Not Connected Error

Today I came across another WhatsApp bug on my Lumia 720 Windows phone 8. Whenever I switched on my mobile network connection and started Whatsapp the messages were not getting sent and received.

For some time I got worried and thought whether my friends have blocked me completely or no one cares to send me a damn message. So I thought to change my DP and was playing up the settings in Whatsapp and damn here is what I saw :

WhatsApp Connection Status Not Connected

Connection state : Not connected

Account Expiration :  Unknown

I thought wtf? I have enabled my 3g mobile connection, I am able to surf net, watch youtube videos and use other messaging apps. So whats the issue with whatsapp?

Hmm… So I decided to use WiFi instead to check whether the same problem exits or not but I was surprised to see WhatsApp working properly with WiFi without any issues.

It was then obvious that the problem was with the network settings ¬†so I thought to Google the issue but didn’t found any proper solution but the problem still existed. WhatsApp was working well for some time and the same problem was there after some time.

Here was a fix which I found on youtube by Zahid . Check out the video and let us know whether the fix works for you or not.

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